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Samsung 4300 Cracking Software Installation Instruction





A Samsung SCX 4300 printer, when the screen shows “Toner Empty,  Replace

Toner cartridge”, the red light is on, the printer is locked.

At first connect your printer with the PC then start your printer. Waiting for your printer finish warm-up, the PC can detect the status of your printer, running the software.

Click “ 开始” enter

Your printer should show in turn:

PC TO DRAM IS OK    (If it shows PC TO DRAM IS NG are not able to transfer to the printer. Then the version of motherboard chip is not right.



Then the printer will warm-up again. When it finish, the modification is finished too.

Clearing zero operation:

菜单(Menu->10.Maintenance(维护)-->Clear Settings(清除设置)-->All Settings(所有设置)-->OK(确定)

The printer’s light will be flashing after the operation, then turn into normal green, it’s full at toner bar on computer, finish clearing zero.

In future when the printer shows short of toner or after adding toner, operate it as above, the printer will return to full toner.

Remember to add toner when the printing turn into light color.

You need to add toner by yourself. Printer have not the function of adding toner automatically.


Important specifications 

1. Connect the printer to a computer.

2. Turn on the printer and waiting for finishing the warm up. At this time, the computer can check out the printer’s status.

3. Run”SCX4300 Counting Decode firmware.exe”. click “start”, then the program will run automatically. After two minutes, click “ exit “ when it turns up. Finish decoding.




   连续按菜单(Menu->10.Maintenance(维护)-->Clear Settings(清除设置)

    -->All Settings(所有设置)--> OK(确定)键


Remark: It can print 1000 pages after clearing zero. Usually it can print 2000-3000 pages with the toner in the cartridge.



After cracking and clearing the printer still show the toner is not enough, what should you do:



1.       Click the menu button continuously to 8 “report” then click OK to printer out a copy of system report. Then check the content in the second line:

Firmware Version : 1.16fixthe method in the addendum

2.  Please check if there is a chip in your toner cartridge, if so please take out the chip or seal the contact point of the chip by using the scotch tapes.

3.  If there is not problem in the above two, please check if clearing zero is correct.



Press MENU to 8.report system data; and confirm to print a system document.



It shows successful modification and returns zero if the window displayed “Firmware version: 1.16fix”, or it can not be modified and invalid to return zero if not use “fix”.








How to close chip



      the position of chip









Directly blind the chip with scotch tape


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