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Imaging drums can typically last 15,000 - 30,000 pages.  Drum life is affected by the following:

  • Page Count
  • Types of media printed - heavier and abrasive stock can wear down a drum
  • Exposure to light - exposure to bright light sources can damage your drum
  • Failure to clean out drum unit after a few cartridge changes or refills
  • Dirt and other foreign objects falling into the drum
  • Wet, sticky, or stapled media  - wet media can make toner stick to the drum, sticker glue can get permanently stuck on the drum, stapled media can cause a chip on your drum


Situations that will require a change or reman of your drum unit.


- Will show as a continuing dot or mark on your prints.


- Drum has been exposed to bright light.  Sometimes the exposure may be reversed after a number of prints.  Drum unit may also not be charging properly.  Be sure the corona or laser is free of toner.


- Roller or blade in drum unit has been damaged.


- Glue or dirt may be on drum unit.  Can sometimes be cleaned off with alcohol or drum cleaning solution in low light.


Drum units can be remanufactured.  Most parts are available. However, these are much more complicated than cartridges and require controlled environmental conditions.  It is best to either buy remanufactured drums or new OEM versions if you are not a professional remanufacturer.


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