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About HP Color Laser Toner Cartridges and Chips

According to our investigation and the feedback from our customers, HP color laser toner cartridges usually appear this circumstance: When you change a new toner cartridge, after printing several copies or hundreds of copies, your printer will show toner is not enough (usually 15%) or toner is empty. But actually the there still are much remaining toners.

There are several reasons lead to this circumstance: the density of toners, toners deflects to the other side or you didn't refill the toners completely full. The memory mode of HP color laser toner cartridge, except the traditional simulation mode (after printing one copy the chip counts a copy), it also depends on the status of the toners prospected by the lenticulation (showed Picture 1). When the toner is full, the light cannot go through the lenticulation, so the chip will count one copy after printing one copy. If the light go through the lenticulation directly, it means there is no toner or toner is not enough. Then printer will write this message into the chip, so the toner cartridge will not work.

Solutions: Before you change a new chip, please make sure the toner is complete full, then use the liquid opaque to wipe a little spot on both light-in spot and light-out spot. So it can obstruct or disperse a part of laser.

Other circumstance:

1. The lenticulation prospects toner is not enough, the toner level jumps to 15%.

2. After printer shows toner is not enough or empty, the chips shows more copies than previous. That’s because the density of toners is not good or toners deflects to the other side. When the printer shows toner is not enough, but it still continues work, the toner muddler make the toners even so the lenticulation prospects the toner is full, then your printer will write this message into the chip.



(Picture 1)

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